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Frequently asked questions

Is midwifery care covered by insurance?

There is much to work towards in Alabama in bringing us up-to-date with maternal and fetal health standards around the country. Insurance coverage of CPMs falls in that category! Currently, out-of-hospital maternity care is not covered by insurance, but we hope to see this change in the near future.

Some Healthcare Sharing plans will reimburse you for the cost of midwifery and home birth services. BHM is happy to provide you with whatever paperwork you need to file for reimbursement if this is an option for you.

If I use BHM, can I still have typical pregnancy labs and blood work?

Yes. All of your testing options will be discussed thoroughly with you throughout

your prenatal care, and you'll have plenty of time to discuss the benefits, risks, and alternatives to each test or procedure - that's what midwifery care is all about! Ultimately, the testing you receive is your choice. Our goal is to share in the decision-making process with you, so that you are well informed and empowered throughout your care.

If I use BHM, can I still have an ultrasound?

Yes. See the question above! While BHM does not perform ultrasounds, we can

refer you to a trusted ultrasound provider and review the results with you.

Will you support my plan to have a water birth?


Will I be free to move around in labor?


Will I be free to eat and drink in labor?


Do you practice delayed cord clamping?


Who is a good candidate for midwifery care?

Healthy people who desire midwifery care and want to birth at home! Because of the current law in Alabama, BHM midwives are unable to attend VBACs (Vaginal Births After a Cesarean birth), the births of twins and multiples, or breech births at home at this time.

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