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A care plan focused on you

Free Consultation

Each course of care begins with a free one-on-one consultation where you will meet Lauren, have a chance to ask your big questions, and get information to help you decide if this is the midwifery practice for you.

Prenatal Care

The schedule of midwifery prenatal care is very similar to typical OB care, however, visits are usually 45 minutes to an hour long, personal, and informative. We welcome partners, family members, and children to be a part of this time of caring for you as we get to know each other better. Families are encouraged to be deeply involved in their care and ask lots of questions at their prenatal visits. The 36 week prenatal visit is scheduled in your home.​

At every visit, there will be plenty of time to:

  • talk about any concerns or questions you might have

  • discuss in-depth any recommended or routine tests or procedures

  • perform a physical exam to monitor you and your baby

  • monitor your pregnancy's overall progress

  • get to know you and your birth preferences

Labor and Birth Care

We believe that both how you are born and how you are treated while you are giving birth is incredibly important. Within the boundaries of safety, we work to facilitate the birth day you imagine for your baby's entrance into the world.


You will be in close contact with your midwife during early labor, and together you will decide when it's time for her to come to your home. You and your baby will be monitored to evidence-based standards during labor and birth, and you will be encouraged to eat and drink as you wish and move freely during labor. Families are able to choose whether or not they would like to give birth in the water. 


Family and friends may be involved with your labor and birth as much as you wish! Your midwifery team will be made up of the midwife as well as a second attendant, a trained birth assistant.


After your baby is born, you both will be monitored for several hours and given comprehensive instructions on how to monitor yourself and your baby during this transition. The midwife will remain with you until both you and your baby are stable, comfortable, and ready to get some rest!

Postpartum Care

It may seem like labor and birth is the hard part, but after the baby is born, another journey begins! A very important part of our services includes providing comprehensive care for families as they grow. 

Routine postpartum care includes four visits to check in and assist with your transition to life with your newest family member - at one day and three-five days in your home, and then also at two weeks and six weeks. As always, more visits are available as needed.

Each postpartum visit will focus on:

  • any questions or concerns you might have

  • your recovery and well-being, physically and emotionally

  • breastfeeding and/or your baby's feeding and growth

  • your baby's behavior and general wellness

  • your overall adjustment to life with your new baby

Is Midwifery Care Safe?

Yes, studies show that for healthy women with normal pregnancies, midwifery care is a safe option. Part of your consultation with the midwife will be focused on determining whether midwifery care is right for you! For a list of links to studies regarding the safety of midwifery care, take a look here:

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