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A compassionate, joyful, skilled team

Allison Miller

Allison is a Texas native that has lived in the Birmingham area on and off for the past 10+ years.


She received her masters degree from the UAB School of Public Health with a focus in Maternal and Child Health in 2009 and has since served as a local doula, reproductive health advocate and childbirth educator through Birmingham Born.


She and her partner have four children, the last of which was born happily into her own hands, in the comfort of her home, alongside the skilled and competent care of Lauren. 

Allison is intuitive and grounded. She is a wise, clear-thinking woman with an incredibly generous spirit. She's a good friend, she's an inspiring mother, and she brings her whole self to every birth she assists. It's a true honor to work and serve alongside her.


Lauren Clegg

The first birth I ever attended was at the age of four, my dad brought me to the back pasture to see one of our cows deliver and I was in awe. It planted a wonder in the transformative beauty of birth that has only continued to grow.


After high school, I had the opportunity to work under a midwife for a few months and then travel to the Philippines and assist at a rural birth clinic for 2 months. Over the past 10 years I’ve been attending births off and on as a doula and have now had the privilege of working as a birth assistant with Lauren for the past 2 years.


I have carried 6 of my own sweet babies, given birth to 5, and am now raising 4. I love cheese, good books, thrift stores, British murder mysteries and Matt.

Lauren is strong and kind. She will mesmerize your children with her joyful spirit while at the same time cleaning midwifery instruments and making you a postpartum cup of tea - all with intention and love. It's a real joy to work and serve alongside her.

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