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What families have to say

"I had such a wonderful birth. The midwifery model of care treated my pregnancy both as the normal fulfillment of what my body could do and as if it was to be the most momentous occasion of my life.


Lauren spent as much time as I needed during each of my appointments and I learned so much from her. Not only that, but my husband and other family members who were initially uncomfortable with a non-hospital birth were so won over by the safety measures and care that I’ve even overheard them recommending midwifery care to others on several occasions. Lauren is an amazing human being and I couldn’t think of a better person to have helped my daughter into the world!" -V.L.

"When I think about my son's birth, Lauren's face appears beside me. Her calm hands and presence are a part of my story of how my beautiful boy arrived in the world. Lauren was exactly what I needed in a midwife as I endured the pain of a long back labor--she was kind, reassuring, capable, and inspiring. She helped me believe I could endure, and so I did." -A.P.

"Lauren walked with me through one of the hardest experiences of my life. During that time her very presence exuded compassion, reassurance, and joy. She has the most gentle touch and manner. I would recommend any expectant parents without reservation into the care of her skillful hands." -O.H.

A Dad's Perspective:

"Using a midwife was a complete unknown for me going into the process of having our first child. After our first appointment, I was completely sold on the idea and we were supported in our decision by many of our friends in the medical field.


My wife and I felt our midwifery care was really personal and high quality. We got much longer and more frequent appointments that you might get than with a traditional OB/GYN so you feel like you get a chance to ask all of your questions and understand better all of the fascinating parts of pregnancy.


When it came to the actual birthday of our daughter, we weren’t able to birth where we wanted since she came preterm, but Lauren came to the hospital and was a crucial part of making my wife's birth experience feel safe, supported and magical.


Having a midwife is a great way to feel like you have choice and control in how you have your baby, which is a great feeling." -J.R.

"I had longed for a homebirth with my first two children, but my husband was not comfortable with this idea. With my third baby, I was ready for the waterbirth in my living room that I had always longed for. Throughout the entire experience of working with Lauren, I felt connected to my body, knowledgeable about best practices, and empowered to labor in ways that felt right for me. Lauren respected my experience and served as a trusted guide during each step of the journey. " -M.S.

"I am forever grateful for Lauren's intentional love & professional care. She believed in me and she honored my husband and I as we began our journey into parenthood. She is making the world a better place by living out her calling as a Midwife." -J.V.

"I met Lauren during my third pregnancy and instantly felt comfortable with her. Her strong and calming presence was a balm for the anxiety I was prone to at the time. She was a careful listener, too - always taking time to hear me out and really understand where I was coming from before responding or offering advice.


On an unexpected trip to the hospital, Lauren was my rock. She helped me advocate for myself and reminded me to carefully consider all of my options when making decisions. When my pregnancy ended in stillbirth at 24 weeks gestation, Lauren's capacity for empathy was immense. My physical and emotional recovery from the loss of our baby were deeply dependent on the support I received from my midwifery team; and Lauren was an integral part of that team.


Since the loss of my third baby, who we named Jade, I carried and birthed a healthy baby boy. Lauren was one of the very first people to meet him when he came earthside." -M.L.

A Doula's Perspective:

"As a birth doula, I had the opportunity to attend births where Lauren was the midwife. Lauren has the qualities of being a strong, decisive, and clear-headed presence, while at the same time bringing so much warmth, gentleness, and compassion to the birthing space.


I had the privilege of watching her do everything from meeting challenges, speaking to partners and family members, coordinating with other members of the care team, to simply holding the hand of a scared mother and reassuring her that she had everything within to birth her baby. Lauren's smile lights up a room and her calm bedside manner is reassuring.


As a doula, I have worked with many midwives and Lauren would be at the top of my list of favorites, for so many reasons!" -C.G.

"Lauren is amazing. The first time I met her I remember thinking that she had such a special spirit about her, she was so easy to connect with.


As a first time mom, I had a lot of fear surrounding birth and the birthing process, but after talking to Lauren I felt at ease - and I knew my birth space would be a safe space. Lauren’s presence brings a sense of comfort and peace, she is an incredible midwife and I highly recommend her services!" -E.M.

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